ICA Stories

Thank you for your online class

I work at a day care which makes it kind of difficult to take classes at the local red cross center. Thankfully I found ICA which helped me complete my CPR courses online and I must say I learned a great deal of BLS. Thank you very much.


"I am impressed"

I am impressed by the quality of your course content and the your online classes. It made it so much easier for me to renew my CPR and first aid certification online. Thanks, LTC Richard Jones, Medical Officer.


It's better than Red Cross

This is just great! I am happy there is something like this. I took my certification in a center before and wanted a refresher to learn again some forgotten parts. I am very pleased I found ICA

Shirley Grace

Cleared my test!

Wow! I just cleared my test and ordered for my certifications. You guys just made it so much easier for me. I love you guys!

Grace Baker

Excellent refresher

Your courses proved to be an excellent refresher without having to pay over $100 through the American Red Cross. I feel thankful to have found ICA website. Will be recommending more of my colleagues to you guys.

Brian Woodman

Mom is happy!

With a young kid that keeps me really busy, I was struggling going out to get this course you guys are offering online. Thank you very much, I am really pleased.